Total supply: 60,000 YELD
Circulating Supply: ~32,000 YELD
Reward Pool: 20,000 YELD
Liquidity Lock Proof: Unicrypt

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Get a Pension with YELD

YELD reward token holders are rewarded even after they are done staking and Withdrawn their tokens from the dApp. Compared to traditional yield farming systems, no need to lock your tokens permanently in the system to keep earning. You’ll get rewarded for being a holder every day regardless of whether you’re staking or not. We call this system The Retirement Yield. You’ll will become a Retirement Yield Farmer.


Optimized Yield Farming

You start by depositing the stablecoins you want to stake on the system. When the APY innevitably drops, your porfolio will be rebalanced by moving the stablecoins to the highest performer of that day. Our contract is self-controlling. It automatically detects the APY changes and updates everyone's portfolio.


Decreasing Supply

We use a new Buy and Burn algorithm where we split the daily yield generated by users in half to automatically buy ETH and exchange it for YELD tokens on Uniswap. Those YELD tokens are burned to reduce the total supply resulting in an instant price increase. The total supply of YELD will continue to reduce until it reaches 10,000 YELD.


About Us

YELD is 100% transparent community project led by Merunas Grincalaitis.

- 4+ years experience with dApps and Solidity
- Has published 2 books on Solidity & Ethereum
- Merunas Medium Articles
- Recent interviews: | The Cryptonomist
- You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube